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Sturlaugur DaĆ°ason

After primary education in Icleand he started study in chemistry at the University of Stuttgart in Germany, masters degree in chemistry 1972. His first job was at the State fish inspection in Iceland, heading the department for hygiene and facilities for seafood production in Iceland. In 1974 he joined the Icelandic Freezing Plants Corporation heading the technical department, mainly dealing with work studies, design of freezing plants for seafood and new devolpment.

In 1981 he moved to UK to head a new fish processing factory for value added products on behalf of Icelandic Freezing Plants Corporation in Grimsby. The factory was in the planing phase and he was responsible for all technical facilities and processing, including all equipments.

After starting up and running the factory operation, he returned to headoffice of IFPG 1986 to become head of product development and shortly afterwards appointed vice president of technical services of IFPC. Technical services covered all aspects of seafood processing including sea and landtransport. During following years there was a new trend in qulity management in the seafood industry and I participated in all major developments.

In 1996 he became the managing director of the Sales office of IFPC in Germany. The main task was to change the operation from traditionally supplying food manufacturer and wholesalers to become major supplier to retail chains and food outlets in Germany. This included adding to traditional product range of new items processed according to our own specifications. This included setting up own company in China, gaining business contacts in Viet Nam, supporting and strengthening contacts in Chile and Africa all without loosing confidence of the Icelandic processors. Following Icelandic Freezing Plants buying of Picenpack H&H in Germany the sales office of IFPG in Germany was closed and I retired.

During the last four years he has been tourist guide in Iceland in summertime and assisted previous partners to set up and implement qulaity management system in line with international standards.


University of Stuttgart, Master of chemistry 1972
University of Icleand 1993, Business administration
1972 ā€“ 1994, various courses in Iceland and internationaly, dealing with processing technology and quality management systems.


1972 State fish inspection Iceland
1974 Icelandic Freezing Plants Corporation Reykjavik
1981 Icelandic Freezing Plants Corporation Grimsby
1986 Icelandic Freezing Plants Corporation Reykjavik
1996 Icelandic Freezing Plants Corporation Germany
2006 Freelance tourist guide and consultant

Email: sdadason@northlightseafood.is