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Sensitive┬┤s calculations

Overall consumption in the world is rising and has almost double since 1961. World consumption for mussel is large og there is a tradition for this consumption in Central Europe. Overall consumption has increased from 1.3 million tons from 1992 to 2.3 million tons in the year of 2007.

Marka├░urinn fyrir kr├Žkling
Overview on global consumption and market value of blue mussels

Despite some reduction in blue mussel production, their market value did not change and mussels maintained their worth despite turbulence in the market. It is worth pointing out that the decline in production quantities of blue mussel is taking place at the same time as world consumption of seafood is increasing, specially in countries like Belgium, Chile, France, Holland, Ireland, Italia, Canada, New Zeland, Spain and UK.

Two sales managers will be located in Hamborg (Germany) and New York. They will be in connection with buyers in Europe and Amerika.